Digital Prime Technologies – Why we invested


aves lair investing in digital prime technologies

The adoption of digital assets by traditional investors is not moving as quickly as anticipated. This is not because traditional investors cannot participate in a $450T digital asset market but because they lack prime services that will aid them in portfolio and risk management for their digital assets.

Custody, execution, margin financing, securities lending, and repo financing- these are enterprise-grade prime services that legacy investors are accustomed to within traditional financing. But due to the lack of a one-stop-solution prime brokerage model for digital assets. Investors are yet to be incentivized to move capital to the digital asset market.

Digital Prime Technologies, DPT is a SaaS prime services suite for institutional asset managers and allocators. With a fully automated enterprise-grade solution to all the needs that traditional investors are accustomed to, DPT is bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets by lowering the operational risks associated with digital asset adoption.

Led by experienced traditional finance experts with a combined career timeline of 73 years,DPT’s founding team leveraged their experience in traditional and digital asset finance. To create a product that leveled the barrier of entry to digital asset adoption for investors. Who are looking to capitalize in the ever growing digital asset market.

Version 1.0 of the prime services suite is calibrated to offer institutions flexibility with the assets it supports (today, DPT provides liquidity in five tokens) and to embrace a wider range of financial instruments. As clients get more comfortable allocating capital into digital assets and implement more complex investing strategies. The product offering allows users to trade digital assets through the company’s prime brokerage platform. Locate and borrow digital assets, short digital assets with cutting edge tools to manage directional risk. Lend digital assets to augment yield, and manage collateral across users’ open positions, as well as profit and loss. 

As an all-in-one interface, DPT as a product;

  • Mitigates the fragmentation that discourages traditional institutions from participating in digital assets.
  • Untangles the more intricate aspects of digital assets that confuse legacy institutions and sets them up to seize the opportunity to allocate capital into assets like Bitcoin.
  • Infuses directly into a firm’s existing infrastructure, and borrows best practices and rules and regulations from traditional asset classes

Aveslair invested in DPT because we believe they provide a groundbreaking solution to a significant problem. The digital asset landscape continues to expand and legacy institutions not only serve as potential market pillars. But also have the opportunity to yield massive ROI when the right tools are at their disposal.

In the coming years, we expect DPT to continue scaling alongside its existing consumer base and become the market leader. DPT’s efficient product design, compatibility, and user interface are advantages that have allowed the business to smoothly onboard legacy clients as well as white label clients. Who generate SaaS-based revenue for the company.In addition to investing in the company, we are thrilled to be working with the experienced team led by James Runnels, CEO and Founder of DPT. Who possesses 23 years of experience in traditional and digital asset finance. A visionary and growth extraordinaire in his field.

When DPT participated in our “Inaugural Winter Accelerator” cohort 2020. We understood how efficient James and the founding team were in easing the adoption of digital assets for institutional finance operators.

As an additional affirmation to the viability of DPT as a product, they have secured a strategic partnership with Cowen Digital LLC. A subsidiary of Cowen inc –  a diversified financial services firm that operates through two business segments. A broker dealer and an investment management division. With this partnership, DPT plans to aggressively scale its team and product development efforts as the future looks promising.