Updates to Flare’s Tokenomics Following Reinvestment From Early Backers

Flare’s earliest investors including Hong Kong and US-based Kenetic, US-based Aves Lair, and others, have doubled down on their investment in Flare, the leading Blockchain for Data, by extending token vesting, limiting token sales, and committing significant new capital to investing across the Flare ecosystem. Today we announce an agreement with a group of Flare’s early backers, […]

Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 3/3

This information was originally published on Aves Lair’s official Medium page. Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 3/3 Serena Wu, Aves Lair Summary Major corporate players like IBM and JPMorgan made some big moves in blockchain development, including the launch of Hyperledger Fabric V2.0 and JPM Coin, the first digital token representing a fiat currency launched […]

Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 2/3

Author: Serena Wu, Aves Lair Summary Updates in China: deal market and trends: deal flows China experienced a surge in funding to Blockchain companies in 2017 and 2018. However, in 2019, the market returned to a more reasonable level. Deal flows experienced a year-on-year drop in both in terms of deal count and deal value in […]

Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 1/3

Serena Wu, Aves Lair This blog series intends to discuss the trends of investments and deal funding in the blockchain sector, provide updates on some key blockchain developments in China and the enterprise blockchain domain, and provide insights into future outlook on overall blockchain investment and spending in the next few years. The blog series […]