Aves Lair’s Immutable investment rationale: Staking on the gate to the metaverse!

Enthusiasm on Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies are seen not only in the secondary market with prices rapidly recovering, but also in the primary market where an influx of venture funds are racing to gain allocation in high-quality blockchain startups. Aves Lair, an emerging US-based venture capital fund led a million-dollar strategic investment in Immutable’s […]

Blockchain: The Solution for Digital Transformation


Blockchain technology counts as one of the greatest innovations to have ever graced the business space. It stems from the disruptive nature of the technology and its powerful features. Which have all become relevant to traditional businesses looking to transition into the digital world. Startups are not left out of this rat race. In recent […]

Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 3/3

This information was originally published on Aves Lair’s official Medium page. Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 3/3 Serena Wu, Aves Lair Summary Major corporate players like IBM and JPMorgan made some big moves in blockchain development, including the launch of Hyperledger Fabric V2.0 and JPM Coin, the first digital token representing a fiat currency launched […]

Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 2/3

Author: Serena Wu, Aves Lair Summary Updates in China: deal market and trends: deal flows China experienced a surge in funding to Blockchain companies in 2017 and 2018. However, in 2019, the market returned to a more reasonable level. Deal flows experienced a year-on-year drop in both in terms of deal count and deal value in […]

Blockchain Investment Trends Review | 1/3

Serena Wu, Aves Lair This blog series intends to discuss the trends of investments and deal funding in the blockchain sector, provide updates on some key blockchain developments in China and the enterprise blockchain domain, and provide insights into future outlook on overall blockchain investment and spending in the next few years. The blog series […]

Deepfake Software Startups That are Commercializing the Technology

Jacob Johnson, Aves Lair n late 2017, a Reddit user released a series of synthetic videos containing celebrity likenesses. Since then, deepfake technology has exploded in popularity as people speculate over its future applications. Concerns over the tech’s potential for political disinformation and unauthorized pornographic content have led to the implementation of regulations surrounding its […]

Last-Mile Delivery: What Industry Leaders Look for in Startup Partners

Author: John Payne, Aves Lair Some of the biggest names in the deliveries industry are partnering with tech startups for the last mile Major players in the delivery industry — including incumbents such as UPS, FedEx, SF Express and DHL — have demonstrated a keen interest in establishing relationships vertically with accomplished startups specializing in autonomous and intelligent logistics and […]