Aves Lair
Venture Capital

We back founders pioneering world-changing applications for AI, blockchain, cloud and data.

Robust technical experience. The biggest ideas.

Aves Lair is an accelerator and VC with a global focus and deep roots in AI, blockchain, cloud and data (ABCD) – emerging technologies that will change the world. We invest in experienced, innovative teams guided by a bold vision for the future and the tenacity to make their groundbreaking ideas a reality. In particular, Aves Lair supports founders who possess ample technical experience and a thorough understanding of the cutting-edge technology that powers their product. The Aves Lair team, our corporate partners and our community of leading academics, experts and entrepreneurs work closely with portfolio companies to catalyze value creation and give founders an edge on the competition. 


We accept companies on a rolling basis, and are searching for strategic investors that share our values.

Our accelerator is virtual, enabling companies to join from anywhere.
Our resources are located in NYC for those who would like to relocate.