Full-stack Software Engineer

Our portfolio company is building the Visa of blockchains and decentralized applications with their gas-efficient and secure cross-chain messaging protocol. Their innovative technology inspires and enables a new wave of ominchain applications that will scale web3 to the masses by abstracting complexity and improving accessibility; ultra-low gas fees, great security, and intuitive experiences.


  • 3+ years of experience architecting, developing, and testing scalable backend and frontend systems; we are also open to backend developers interested in learning frontend.
  • Strong interest or experience in web3; experience in web3 is preferred.
  • Desire to be active in developer and web3 communities (e.g., Github, Discord, Telegram, etc.)
  • Passion for building, a bias for action, and being excited by uncertainty.


  • Undergrad or postgrad degree in Computer Science
  • Startup experience

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