Our latest case studies, market reports, and deeper insights into AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, IoT, and Data Analytics: how these disruptive technologies are overwriting major industries and how Aves Lair takes each of them from promise to reality.


Asset Management Solution
and Use Case

TokenABC: One-stop digital asset transactions and investment services

Blockchain-Based Credit
Scoring Solution

Agricultural and Commercial Bank of Zhejiang, China: Making banking services available to everyone

Blockchain Solution

Canonchain: Reforging the cornerstone of the blockchain world and the future Web 3.0.

DeFi Solution and
Use Case

DeFiner: a decentralized crypto lending platform that is powered by smart contracts developed in-house by N&T Labs expert team

Supply Chain Solution
and Use Case

Beingmate: Restoring customer confidence with blockchain-based traceability system

Market Report:
Ecommerce in Brazil

A careful investigation of opportunities and challenges in the Brazilian market

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