Aves Lair Corporate Accelerator Program is the access point to cutting edge technology and breakthrough innovation to unlock your company's full potential.

Lagging on Innovation?

ALCAP is a novel platform designed to solve complex corporate problems by creating a mutually beneficial relationship between our global network of startups and entrepreneurs to support both corporate innovation and startup development.

Caters to emerging businesses that create an entirely new business model

Caters to established businesses who experience strong market demand and want to introduce new product or service variations to their customer base.

Caters to mature businesses that provide a steady cash flow and are interested in making small improvements or extensions to their existing offerings

Our goal is to bring the power of AI and blockchain to every business

AI, Blockchain and Data Analytics are essential drivers of digital transformation in today’s world. The potential of this ABCD hybridization, integration, recombination and convergence will provide a chance to create entirely new business models and develop innovative products and services for a new generation of consumers.

In today’s world, AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Analytics are key verticals establishing momentum in the digital transformation taking place across the globe. These enigmatic technologies can be combined and integrated into corporate business models to further scale and achieve their full potential to meet the needs of the modern dynamic consumer markets.

We help align innovation strategy with your
corporate business strategy


Global Sourcing Engine
Our global sourcing engine is an aggregated database that helps source thousands of startups from across the globe.


Collusive Innovation Program
Our Collusive Innovation Program includes “sandbox”programs, technical workshops, corporate events such as hackathons, pitch events, research programs where companies can easily tap into the startup community and fine-tune their new technologies.


In-House Technical Assistance
We provide tech support from ideation to MVP
launch, as part of our community, you will have
access to top developers in our program to keep
your technical team on hand.


Investment Management
Our accelerator investment platform provides investors direct access to their assets, granting them transparency and future ability to liquidate on secondary markets. Our platform will launch in 2021.



Our accelerator is virtual, enabling companies to join from anywhere.
Our resources are located in NYC for those who would like to relocate.