Don’t Let a Banking Crisis Derail Your Startup: 9 Tips to Minimize Risk

SVB CASE Banking Crisis

In the wake of the recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) crisis, it has become increasingly clear that startups need to be prepared for a potential banking crisis. The SVB crisis was a wake-up call for many startups, as it highlighted the need for businesses to have contingency plans in place to protect themselves from similar […]

An Overview of Cross-Chain Solutions

Cross Chain

While people are constantly arguing about which blockchain solves the blockchain Trilemma and has the best future, cross-chain solutions provide a bigger perspective, adding interoperability between different blockchains and allowing blockchain platforms to share data and communicate with each other. Instead of digging deep down into the specific technical features of each cross-chain solution or […]

Digital Fashion Industry & How NFTs Are Provoking Huge Growth?

Digital Fashion Industry and nft

WEB 3.0 – DIGITAL FASHION  Virtual reality is the cornerstone of the metaverse. As our lives become increasingly remote, both augmented and virtual realities are turning into actuality. Thus, influencing every part of our existence, including work, travel, leisure/gaming, and even fashion.  In May 2014, the first NFT, “Quantum” was created as a harmless piece […]