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Aves Lair is a seed-stage accelerator based in NYC. Every 6 months, we invest $100k in each company that is ready to take on our program. Our 12 week plan of action offers a hyperconnected platform that develops innovative solutions utilizing our network of global industry and academic leaders in AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data Analytics (A.B.C.D).

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How to apply

 We’re looking for a story.

As humans, we’re story tellers at heart and we’ll weave the threads together – how your company is structured, how your team works together and makes decisions, the business model, etc. to build a fabric that Aves Lair may imprint its own unique design on. We put founders first. This means that we want to look at the people, the individuals within the structure of the company and be able to understand the decisions that the founders make. Was it practical? Was it wise? We put people in the spotlight. 


Aves Lair Accelerator program is a collaboration between Lair East and N&T Labs to empower startups and tech founders to scale business by applying cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of  AI and blockchain technology 


Helping transform today’s most enigmatic blockchain AI technology from ideation into a practicality

  • We will invest in cutting edge technologies as they develop over time. Our focus will skew towards B2B and B2B2C companies in AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Analytics.
  • We will incorporate international markets into our overall strategy.
  • We will invest in quantitative-focused, action-oriented founders.
  • We will work with our companies closely during our 12- week accelerator program to generate traction with customers, demonstrate product-market fit, provide hand- on technical support
  • We will provide ongoing post-accelerator operational support for our portfolio companies, thus mitigating risk


  • Twice a year, we invest $100k each for a 5% minimum equity stake from startup companies.
  • Our 3-months program offers a hyperconnected platform to develop innovative solutions together with our network of global industry and academic leaders and top blockchain & AI companies. 
  • We use a SAFE agreement. 


Who am I? 

Very existentialistic of you to wonder! You are a startup that: 

  • Is solving a major pain point with a clear monetization strategy
  • Has traction: the idea is proven by the market. 
  • Our focus skews towards B2B and B2B2C companies in AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Analytics.
  • ToB with pilots in the pipeline is preferred. If ToC, we will check if we have the resources to help you. 

What is the valuation threshold?

There is no valuation threshold but we require a minimum of 5% equity to participate in the program. If your valuation is too high but you’re still interested in Aves Lair, read on! 

What if we’re not interested in the accelerator but want to participate in the Aves Lair VC fund or form a partnership in other ways? 

There are several ways you can work with Aves Lair:

a) VC fund SPV/other fundraising

b) Service for pay/equity

c) Any potential synergies you think you may find

If you’re interested in touching base with us outside of the accelerator capacity, please fill out this form here.

What is the time commitment like? 

Depends on each startup. Usually around 1-5 hrs/week. 

Is this a remote program?


Do you have another question? Contact us at

Google Form 

We want our application process to be as painless as possible. Our first application process requires only the necessary items to be known. 

  • Pitch Deck
  • Business Model 
  • Value Proposition  
  • Current pain points 
  • Traction 
  • Go to market strategy 
  • Addressable market size 
  • Partnerships 
  • Approximate Valuation 


Our initial Discovery Call is composed of getting to know the holistic elements of your company. It would be sincerely appreciated if you filled out the application form beforehand so that we are able to gather some background information before the call. 

Schedule a Discovery Call with us here.


  • We honor honesty and integrity. We sincerely hope that the founder represents themselves well with integrity and that any misrepresentation of their market, traction, money raised, etc. will be frowned upon .
  • We look at the maturity level of the founders, in which they have a reasonable expectation of valuation and are able to explain their business plan with foresight.
  • No jerks allowed! We want to value the personal time we have with the founder. This means that we will be able to communicate with them fluently and that they will have the teamwork ability for us to work alongside them. 


  • We’ll be asking for clarification on whatever was and was not covered on the application. 
  • There will also be more information regarding financials, how the tech works, competitor landscape, what are the kinds of current partnerships and future partnerships one is looking for as well as the final question: Why are you going into an accelerator?  


  • We are looking out for the founder’s technical need, whether we are able to help them or not. We have integrity! We wouldn’t accept a founder unless we feel that Aves Lair would be able to help them in some way.
  • During the call, we ask for a display of your demo. 



That whatever documents the founder is comfortable sharing so that Aves Lair partners are able to review in advance of the technical audit call. Such as IP documents, and public code 


That the founder is able to present or answer the in-depth questions of their technical architecture, development and testing tools, competitive advantage, that the demo is fully in-depth, that the benefits of the UI/UX are on display. 

Things are getting serious! We want to get to know you better. This is when we will be asking for your data room. Documents asked in your data room may be the following:

  • Business Plan
  • Financial projections
  • First refusal & co-sale agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Capitalization table reflecting convertible note, SAFE
  • Any legal documents/details on previous raises
  • Competitive Analysis (if any)
  • Market Analysis (if any)
  • IPs (if any)
  • Pilot/PoC result
  • Shareholders agreement

We don’t negotiate on the 5% minimum equity, despite the valuation. 

We do use a SAFE agreement! If this is an issue for any founder, please let us know. 

Congratulations! We would be absolutely thrilled if you are to be in our cohort. 

If you aren’t accepted and reach success despite our lack of involvement, please let us know (and rub it in our face?). We’re glad for your success and we will put you on our wall of missed opportunities.

program curriculum

Aves Lair works across AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data Analytics
(A.B.C.D) verticals to provide a full suite of bespoke services and
solutions that are specific to each startup within our community.

Our accelerator is virtual, enabling companies to join from anywhere.

We provide legal assistance from company formation to intellectual property setup and protection.

We organize weekly roundtables with successful entrepreneurs & industry experts and help teams develop strategies for growth, SEO and PR.

We host weekly workshops while our mentors host weekly deep-dives on need to know subject matters (i.e. growth hacking, storytelling, design) specific to our portfolio companies

Aves Lair’s venture partners and our legal partners help negotiate valuation and financing terms. 

Our program provides market entry into the Asian and North American markets through connections we have cultivated through our founder and mentor program.

We prepare each portfolio company for investor roadshows and demo days by inviting investors to listen in on each founders’ pitch and provide helpful suggestions for refinement.

Cohorts gain exposure within the global tech community through our programs and partners. We encourage all founders to take advantage of the potent tech entrepreneurship scene.

We provide tech support from ideation to MVP launch and provide access to top developers within our program.

We provide intense and immersive educational workshops, while granting startups compulsory access to the Lair East Academy and N&T Labs education program. Our dedicated mentors are from vast arrays of industries from: top academicians, institutional leaders, world class blockchain and A.I. scientists and research and data scientists.

Our accelerator is virtual, enabling companies to join from anywhere.
Our resources are located in NYC for those who would like to relocate.