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Every 6 months, we roll out an accelerator program with an initial $100K investment in each company that is ready to take on our program.

Our 12-week plan of action offers a hyperconnected platform that develops innovative solutions utilising our network of global industry and academic leaders in the space of web3.0

We prioritise founders. We look at the people, the individuals within the company’s structure, and comprehend the decisions made by the founders.


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Investment Package
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Mentors & Experts
Weeks Programs


Our application process to be as painless as possible. Our first application process requires only the necessary items to be known.



Fill out our application form here.



Our Team will schedule an initial Discovery Call to get to know the holistic elements of your company.

It would be sincerely appreciated if you filled out the application from beforehand so that we are able to gather some background information before the call.



Care about founder’s technical and product needs. We do not accept a founder unless we feel that Aves Lair would be able to add value in some way.

During the call, we ask for a display of your demo (if applicable), listen to your needs and strategize an action plan.



You have made it this far, things are getting serious! We will be looping our mentors in the process and provide a glimpse of our accelerator program will play out. This is also a great chance for you to see which mentor you would enjoy working with!



We will conduct a full review of the entire interview process and all relevant documents in dataroom.



Congratulations! We would be absolutely thrilled if you are to be in our cohort.

If you aren’t accepted and reach success despite our lack of involvement, please let us know. We’re glad for your success and we will put you on our wall of missed opportunities.



Aves Lair works across all verticals in web 3.0 to provide a full suite of bespoke services and solutions that are specific to each startup within our cohort.



Aves Lair’s venture partners and our legal partners help negotiate valuation and financing terms.


We provide legal assistance from company formation to intellectual property setup and protection.


Host weekly workshops while our mentors host weekly deep-dives on need to know subject matters specific to our portfolio companies.


Our program provides market entry into the Asian and North American markets through connections we have cultivated.


We organise weekly roundtables with successful entrepreneurs & industry experts and help teams develop strategies for growth, SEO and PR.


Provide tech support from ideation to MVP launch and provides access to top developers within our program.


We prepare each portfolio company for investor roadshows and demo days by inviting investors to listen in each founders’ pitch and provide helpful suggestions for refinement.


Cohorts gain exposure within the global tech community through our programs and partners.


Most frequent questions and answers


$50,000 immediate funding and $50,000 upon graduation in exchange for 5% of your company and 5% of future token supply through a SAFE/SAFT agreement. If this is an issue for any founder, please let us know.

Future Follow-up Funding.

3-month fully remote accelerator program.

Operational, legal, commercial, co-marketing, and tech support.

Token engineering support and business model testing to pinpoint product-market fit.

50+ mentors and active investor network featuring known names in Web3.


Honesty and integrity. We sincerely hope that the founder represents themselves well with integrity and that any misrepresentation of their market, traction, money raised, etc. will be frowned upon.

We look at the maturity level of the founders, in which they have a reasonable expectation of valuation and are able to explain their business plan with foresight.

We want to value the personal time we have with the founder. This means that we will be able to communicate with them fluently and that they will have the teamwork ability for collaboration.


We are based in NYC but Aves Lair is currently planned to be a fully remote and virtual program. There may be the opportunity for in-person events in NYC or US cities. We have so far invested in companies from all over the global


Aves Lair is a venture platform designed to support decentralized projects to design, build, and scale at every stage of their development.

We provide early-stage funding, as well as providing support via relationships, introductions, and access to specialists from across the venture platform. We have incubated and supported leading Web 3.0 teams, and can bring a powerhouse of support to ventures building Web 3.0 infrastructure.


We help our founder establish momentum and gain traction through vast ecosystem and extended expertise.

We will organize educational group sessions and schedule tailored meetings with our niche experts and expansive mentor network to support you across all dimensions of early-stage company formation.

Curate each program based on the current painpoints or targeted milestones established by our founders in the beginning of the program. Services include business strategy development, tokenomics design, legal framework, technical support, branding and position, community building, marketing, or communication, as well as helping out on initial fundraising, establishing strategic partnerships, and building your foundational support network.


Expect to establish a long-term relationship with founders and team. We will be there at every step of your success and continue providing value as an early-stage investor.


The founder should present or answer the in-depth questions of their technical architecture, development and testing tools, competitive advantage, and any benefits of the product.

There will also be more information regarding financials, how the tech works, competitor landscape, what are the kinds of current partnerships and future partnerships one is looking for as well as the final question: what do you want to achieve by participating in our accelerator?


Provide all documents the founder is comfortable sharing, so that Aves Lair partners are able to review in advance of the technical audit call. Such as IP documents, and public code.

Documents asked in your data room may be the following:

  • Pitch Deck
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Projections
  • First refusal & co-sale agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Capitalization table reflecting convertible note, SAFE, SAFTs
  • Tokenomics
  • Any legal documents/details on previous raises
  • Competitive Analysis (if any)
  • Market Analysis (if any)
  • IPs (if any)
  • Pilot/PoC result
  • Shareholders agreement