Aves Lair is dedicated to supporting and ushering in a new wave of blockchain & A.I. applications and founders with a focus on compliance, track record and longevity.


Nestled in the SoHo district of Manhattan, Aves Lair is a carefully crafted collaboration between Lair East and N&T Labs. Together, the two companies strategically fused their unique and complementary qualities to create a potent, resource-filled environment that will empower startups and tech founders to organically scale their businesses by applying cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of A.I. and blockchain technology.

Lair East
Lair East is a technology hub that leverages investments and resources to guide entrepreneurs through the challenges of building successful businesses. Its network extends beyond Asia and the United States with an ecosystem that consists of an international startup community, coworking spaces, investment support, accelerator programs, and a bridge for cultural exchange. The “Build Local, Think Global”​ approach allows organic support for entrepreneurs and businesses to meet goals while making a real impact on the world around them.

Nakamoto & Turing Labs
Nakamoto & Turning Labs is a New York City-based research institute that centers on blockchain and AI research, consulting, investment and education.

core Members


Yao Tong

Managing Partner


Chong Li, PhD

Managing Partner


Michael Robinson

Managing Partner, Head of Partnerships


Sichao Yang, PhD

Managing Partner, Head of Technology

Francis Berwa

Managing Partner, Head of Operations


Jennifer Peng

Partner, Head of Marketing


Leonidha Zhezha

Partner, Head of IT


Matt Kowalczyk

Entrepreneur in Residence


Serena Chen

Director of Mentor Program, Product Manager


Emily Lee

Community Manager


Milo Wang

Marketing Manager


Evan Hsu

Investment Associate


Lucy Chen

Operation Specialist

news & updates

Spring 2022 Demo Day on January 26th at 8PM EST

Our accelerator is virtual, enabling companies to join from anywhere.
Our resources are located in NYC for those who would like to relocate.